with pools closed…at least in the UK

By January 11, 2021Uncategorized
With Pools Closed here are 10things to focus on and help your swimming. 
Watch this for inspiration, a technically beautiful FC swimmer – Katie Ledecky
Do this – our Mon and Wed Dryland stretch cords. Lots of sessions stored here from last year.
Listen to this – FC tech podcast with Annie Emmerson who was not a natural swimmer but went on to great Tri success after World Duathlon success
Try this – shoulder strengthening and swim related stretches to improve range of motion in the water.
Activate these – Glutes in a FC motion! In water and out, the simillairites will help you swim faster by controlling a smaller legkick. Look for the glute kick drill in the ‘water link.’
More dryland swim options were covered in the Endurance lecture series
Consider this – swim bench from VASA now not as big as they used to be but superior to everything else out there.
Buy this so you are ready when the pools reopen.
Plan to swim as much openwater as you can, assuming pools will be slower to reopen by doing the research now and finding venues nearby. OS always useful for this info
Enter an event and support a small operator who deserves to still be here as an event organiser later in the summer

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