Swim Drills, why? how? what!

By November 11, 2016Uncategorized

I watched a swimmer in the public lanes this morning swinging his arms as he exited the water at the back of the stroke & throw them across his body. Really throw them across his lower back, he was practically grabbing his own opposite buttock and crabbing down the pool from side to side. I believe it was a swim drill but he could have just been having some fun. To me a swim drill either enhances an accurate movement, isolates it so it can be performed more accurately or restricts and stops a bad movement from occurring. Even better if it can restrict bad and show the correct movement.
You can create your own drills by all means but this really depends on understanding what exactly the correct movements are that will assist your particular stroke. Not always does ‘more’ of something = better. I think this person in the pool with the ‘buttock grab’ drill may have figured that just ‘brushing past the hips with the hands to ensure a full and complete end stroke could be enhanced with a wild sweep across the body. More of something must be better then less! The lateral swinging from side to side of the body position introduced by the hand sweep left this swimmer really snaking from left to right up the pool. Of course he might have been trying to cure that age old problem from the world of Openwater in trying to stop himself swimming so straight¬†

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