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A little motivational clip this week

This was possibly one of the most insurmountable swims to take on I have ever seen. It still defies all kinds of logic. Ignore the pressure from the French team talking things up in the earlier press conferences as on paper they just could not be beat given they have the current world record holder and separately the Worlds fastest relay swimmer. Ignore the pressure from the fact the Americans lost in 2004&2000 which broke their Olympic streak <As far back as Tokyo in 1964 when Steve Clark
Mike Austin
Gary Ilman
Don Schollander won the first> This used to be a team that just did not lose!

Michael Phelps expressions says it all as this then kept him on track for his treasure chest of Golds. A loss here on only his second event would have left a very different Olympic Legacy.

Imagine being handed a deficit of a body length going in to a race of approx only 46secs in length expecting to make up the body length on the world record holder?

Mr Lezak that was quite a swim. If after watching this I hope you also want to go and have a great swim 

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