Lately our training has involved a lot of steady swimming and working on pacing. It can be dull and I try to mix longer blocks with shorter sprints and relays. Good pacing is key though – Take a look at these 50m splits over 1500m at some recent races. 1500-splits
A client fond of stats prepared this for me. Too fast and you shift energy systems and you need to recover, too erratic and you have too much left at the end and can speed up but not have put it all out there <for Triathlon this might be ok as a pure swim race is very different and few suffer from this!>. This time of year can be dull so do your best to inject some life to your fitness blocks. It is key work at this time of year but keep it from becoming dull with mixed efforts. This is my current favourite –

the six by six <50m pool>

600 every 3rd length pull or kick

12x50fc <25 fast, 25 ez> 4swimmers in a lane, straight down the middle, last in, first out or approx 15 rest. Use the blackline to help guide the pulling hand pathways

5×100, 2min interval best average /recover 100ez <pull and paddles>

4×100, rest 10/20/30 build speed to number 4 / recover 200 ez

2×200, the 2nd needs to be quicker then the first, rest 20 / recover 200, add fins or paddles on 2nd 200

400 strong, recover 200 choice

3.6km mainset

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