Good luck if you are racing this weekend, hope it goes well.

Arrive early. Actually perhaps even earlier.
Take your time putting a wetsuit on. Try not to work up a sweat, they get harder to put on.

Flush and ensure your wetsuit is comfortable.
Don’t forget body glide.
Read all literature, know the course, know how many laps, know the difference betrwen clock and anti clock!
If your velcro flap that covers the top of the zip has the rough layer on the flap ensure it beds down flush and does not overlap onto skin causing irritation.
Dryland warm up, get some blood flow into key swimming areas so you are good to go when the gun goes.
Depending on water temperature <cool?> and chaos of start area a water based warmup might not be that beneficial. Observe and make a decision.
Start sensibly from a sensible position. You could ruin your race at this point if something happens.
If possible keep the head low, but eyes high as you sight. ie look for larger objects in line with buoys.
Get the head back down as quick as you can.
Only swim the race course distance to save time 🙂
Come practice your OW with us and get this all right well ahead of time!

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