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Catch up is a drill. A good basic all round drill that gets utilised a lot in warm ups and general swimming since we all know about it. Sometimes when learning to swim some go too far and it becomes their swim technique. Think about it – alternating single arms. One arm at a time, one stroke at a time. Not good for swimming fast. Mikey suffered from this and we chatted at the Olympic Pool last night about overcoming how his swim style was now a slow drill. If the arms can work together, one anchoring with a good pull on the water the other can be launched forwards with the hips involved. Swimming completely with the hands at 180deg to each other is going to be the fastest ‘stroke’ but can be pretty exhausting. A compromise can be reached.

Timing more info here –

Have a look at the FreeFly drill for help -The FreeFly drill is great for helping with this issue. Also think about catching up to the elbow rather then the wrist as that compromise in timing.
The extension/Superman drill is also useful with a slight twist. ie we aim to keep the hands at 180deg to each other.
Pause in Extension, take an isolated breath, get the head back to ‘neutral’ and only once the head is back release the arms simultaneously. ie we aim to keep them at 180deg to each other. One breath of drill into one stroke with the hands constantly kept at opposites
See how these go, I have more if it needs further work along the lines of –
at 18mins with the legend Popov
Good luck


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