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After the epic swim in Geneva I then attempted to race Masters OW nationals in Sheffield on Sunday. Only 10days after finishing the Big Swim in Switzerland. During some downtime after the swim I found the energy to cycle one of the Cols in France chasing the TDF. I was still on a high and excited with our teams performances. I was unbeatable and this new found fitness would carry me through the rest of the season. It may well do but as I found out, not quite and not yet.

I thought I had rested enough ahead of Sundays 3km OW swim, I had put in low key 3-4 steady sessions in the pool, some swim bench work and light rowing. As the gun went I knew I was not that excited to be racing. My arms confirmed this, I can usually hold a good amount of water and find some fast ‘easy speed’ early on to the first buoy but it was not happening. As the race unfolded I was content to plod. I had no extra gears towards the end to race it home with the small pack I was with.

This from Joe Friel was of use as I realised I was still tired….At 47 I just do not recover as quickly as I used to. I feel I eat well, sleep a good amount and prepare well but age & time are out of your control and that does not sit well! No one who likes to train and race and take care of all those minute details meticulously wants to hear…’you’re getting older and slower.’
Bottom line give it some time. Often your head tells you it is not quite ready and delays the bodies efforts to get back out there. If you are keen or just cannot miss an event such as my situation last Sunday then just be prepared psychologically for a less then great performance and try not to be too disappointed.
Good luck if you are racing this weekend, get some rest!
Dan Bullock

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