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So as a little xmas thing I have been trying to get to all our fitness sessions to film. Thanks to Maria for helping at Kings X while I was at a funeral.  You can find your footage on dropbox. Click on the link to see your swims in real time then slow motion.

Walthamstow – Thurs AM

Putney Sunday

London Bridge Group 1   Group 2

Kensington Thurs PM

St Pancras – Monday PM

From the submerged head on view – key points
Head still unless breathing, a few mm gap between the fingers. Symmetry of arm movements will keep you straighter.
Minimal exposure of the leg kick, keep them hidden behind the body. Not leaning on a straight arm to support breathing which will push you up, not pull you forward.
We should never see the palm of the hand from this angle. High elbow <I prefer wide elbow> but as long is it stays above the hand you are on the right track after an early pivot at the elbow <not the shoulder.>
Relaxed exhale through the stroke until the sharp intake of breath as you turn to breathe. We should not see the face from this angle! top of head, a little of the forehead. Look forwards but do not face forwards.

Legs low then straighten them –
 fix them with –
Splaying wide?  ‘Pilates Swimmer’ a great way to improve your core and restraing a big kick. Also pulling with your pull buoy between your ankles or a flat float between the thighs
Late catch? pivot at the elbow practice via the thumb catch drill, shown towards the end of this video
Also good for the dreaded straight arm pushdown. This issue can also be interrupted with a central snorkel.
King of the Drills
And combine your new catch into your rotation with the king of the drills – advanced single arm –
Never forget the basics – Torpedo and Extension – there is a good reason why the Olympians still do them. Extension position shown here
I like the FLO video for a nice demo of the extension position and a reminder that we continue with the basics regardless of what ever level we get to. We continue to refine and polish the FC stroke even if the basics are in place and performed well. Stroke mechanics under the pressure of fitness training are always disintegrating hence why all swimmers should come back to drills with more frequency then they might imagine.

Happy Holidays


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