It is going to feel rough but persevere….

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It is going to feel rough but only by sticking with it and getting it done will it get easier. If you have not yet been back into the water then be prepared. After a break of a possibly a few weeks most of us are back to swimming this week. No sport seems to punish quite so much as swimming having had  break from it. You will feel like a huge step has been taken, sadly backwards. Clumsy, lacking coordination and the water feeling extra slippery to name a few of the issues. This happens at all levels. Not just those new to the sport I promise. For the seasoned campaigner the path to feeling ‘normal’ should happen a little quicker but I promise we all suffer.

A few years ago I performed a lot of filming on week1 of our fitness courses in early January. I played it back and most were pleasantly surprised at what they saw claiming it was not as bad as they imagined. This is an important distinction here. Your mind and body will want you back on that warm sofa not swimming laps. I liken this to my last few KM of racing Lake Geneva last summer. I had completed 23km and the end was in sight for our relay team. I could see the fountain that greets you in the distance. My shoulders were so tired and ached so much. I was dreading to think how bad it looked.

“What is interesting is that in my mind my stroke was horrible, flat, scrappy and tired. My mind playing tricks to end the suffering! When I watched some of the footage taken of my final KM it was ok. Remember. It is not as bad as your mind is telling you.”

Prepare yourself for the frustration, cope with the demons telling you to get out. Set yourself a sensible amount and finish positively by getting the session done. Complete your swim with the SFT swim down to help realign your faltering technique as much as possible and help shape it before your next session. Try not to leave it too long before your next session so that all that you build on is not wasted, evaporating before your next session. 1 session per week is 6 days of unlearning. 3 sessions per week and you tip the balance in favour of  swim positive week with progress rather then a plateauing effect.


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