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So as usual we performed the 10min swim test in the Autumn at the start of the last course and at the end. Results can be found here

Look for the blue – blue denotes an improvement in the amount of distance you completed, beige means you held the same value. Keep in mind in order to improve you need to be swimming 3 times per week at least. Any less than this and you are in the plateau zone. Enough to maintain but not enough to break through. Swimming faster or further needs fitness, endurance and technique to all improve. The 3 are very much interconnected. Endurance is the ability to keep repeating accurate movements for sustained periods. Fitness is the engine to drive it but it needs to be a steady & accurate effort otherwise the water punishes you. If there is limited swim technique we get punished too much and even amazing levels of fitness will not be of use since water is so much denser than air.

The Autumn course is a hard one to improve on as many are race fit from the summer of competing and December becomes a hard time to focus and maintain consistency due to Xmas interruptions. If you did ‘only’ plateau then I would consider this quite an achievement. But don’t rest on your lane rope!. Now is the time to refocus and commit to ensure when we measure the success of this current cycle some big improvements have been made.

If you improved over 25m please drop me a line and I will put a gift in the post to you

Goodluck with the test!


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