New variations – the pros and cons….

By January 18, 2018Uncategorized
Single arm variations– At our Mile End & WF fitness sessions this week we played with the differences between the following variations on one of my favourite drills.
A – breathing away from the pulling arm, as we have traditionally taught –
+ Easter to perform slower, keep the head still, watch the pulling arm, enhanced accuracy
– Could encourage breathing off a straight arm ‘push down’ if the drill is rushed
B – breathing under the pulling arm, the way most people gravitate towards as it feels part of the stroke.
+ Harder to ‘pop’ the trail shoulder back up above the surface at the conclusion.
– Stops the temptation of leaning on/straight arm pushdown as ‘take it away.’

C- a 3rd option Breath with both arms at the hips. Stops you leaning on the arm to breathe, allowed full rotation, was able to watch the arm pull. This version also helped the swimmer stop breathing so late into the armpit. I would also say avoid using a central snorkel for all these as you can stay flat and not realise as you still get the air.

As with most things there are pros and cons. Try both and see which works for you. This is the tricky part of swimming, you have to experiment a little as the science is still a way behind the art. We still really struggle to measure it as it is such a hostile environment for taking measurements unlike the watts on a bike etc
Try them and let me know your thoughts..

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