Adapting sessions

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If you follow a program from a tri coach and want to follow their mainsets for HR & zone purposes this might help. Often the warmups & subsets lack a little technical refinement so by all means add this simple ‘wrap’ to your Mainset. Just insert the following around the normal mainset having had a look at the drills. They will assist rotation, build leg strength and work your catch. Key areas for getting the most from your mainset.

Warmup –
400m – leg wakeup
Arms folded off the wall for 10m, odd lengths
Torpedo drill off the wall for 10m even lengths. Finish the length full stroke.

200 mindful swimming – run a diagnostic, recite a mantra etc think the following points through.
Big toes lightly brushing
Small movement at the hip
Early pivot at the elbow
If stroke feels a little disjointed add 3 single arms off each wall to assist coordination

Subset- build leg strength
Single fin for 50, swap to the other side
50 with both fins, 50 fast 10kicks between each stroke – 10kick catchup


Warmdown – stroke restoration
100 fins, paddles and snorkel
50 fins, snorkel
50 snorkel – to rebuild & polish the tired tech post mainset with your swim toys and slowly leave the pool with your ‘own’ technique. Use the fins to elevate hips & body position, use the paddles to anchor and allow the kick to drive you over the anchored hand. Use the snorkel to keep the head still and return the submerged arm pathways to central with an elbow pivot.


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