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 SWIM FITNESS and TESTING – Did you swim a T10 back in January during our fitness sessions? If you are not familiar then each cycle we test by swimming as far as possible in 10mins. There are many ways to check swim progress but this simple test is one of my favourites. Regular testing is of use to help shape your training.
Results here from January 2018 – T10 results
A blue outline suggests you went further than the last time you tried this. Not easy given the Xmas break but there was some Blue! well done if you did improve over last year. More importantly we will revisit the test in our fitness sessions in a few weeks and if all goes well you should swim further. A combination of improved swim technique, improving propulsion and lowering drag coupled with more fitness should see you swim further. If not you might want to spend some more time on your swim technique. If you feel your swim technique is good maybe you need to up your swim fitness a little.  Try some swim golf to see how your efficiency holds together. Swim 25m and record both the strokes taken and the time taken. Add them together for  a swim golf score.
If you swam at a recent training camp we might have swum as many 50m swims inside of 10mins which helps break this up a little. Either way try to go a little further and let  me know how you got on. Regardless of whether you swim at our fitness sessions I can store your distance on our chart.

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