Improvements to speed need swim fitness and technique.

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Improvements to speed need swim fitness & technique. The two go hand in hand, stroke in stroke. You do not get to be a faster swimmer if either swim fitness or technique are missing. As part of this equation our swim fitness sessions are full of technical pointers, drills, testing, stroke counting & analysis.

On occasion we can also film which is a great opportunity to narrow the gulf between how you swim and how you think you swim. More on this in my Plateau article from Training Peaks

‘The big problem for those who are not natural swimmers is the concept of the disparity between what they feel they are doing and what they are actually doing. For many swimmers, once they see a video of themselves swimming, they will still need convincing that it is actually them up on the screen.’

If you swam this week at one of our swim fitness sessions then you should find your video footage here –

London Fields

Kings Cross

London Bridge

Mile End




Have a look at some full stroke swum here from multiple angles. Apologies but due to sharing lanes with the public some locations had better opportunities than others. If you feel you need more attention then our new Endless Pool Facility is now offering lessons with multi angle playback.

More details here – Fulham The chance to swim against a current is a great way to learn streamline and feel when you are creating drag. Equally the water moving around the body can help accelerate the learning process.

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