Swim Drill of the week – NOV 19th

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If you follow us on Social Media you might have already spotted this great drill. I am going to share something Technical & of use each Monday that you can hopefully incorporate into your training.

Drill of the week- Single Arm Enhanced!  If you are on our fitness classes we will add this into the subset to build rotation and keep the stroke narrow. Often with the single arm drill the catch <pulling arm> sets a nice position and the kick& hips bring the upper shoulder through to the chin but not always does the submerged shoulder then reappear above the surface as the rotation completes.

If the trail shoulder does not resurface you can see here how you will struggle to breathe to left side. The opportunity to breathe is blocked. By elevating the trail arm it will remind you to finish your rotation and keep the kick and hips involved.

 It is also a great drill to use between blocks of the mainsheet as we use it to polish and restore our best full stroke ahead of the next block of harder work. Keep practicing the Advanced Single Arm so your foundation is strong for the original drill. If this drill is weak then this natural progression will struggle


I would always try this drill with fins. It is a tough one! Take a breath when the arms have stopped moving, perhaps take a single arm then the shark fin then breathe.  You can always take 2 breaths to help remain composed. The purpose of the shark fin is to help you breathe by popping the trail shoulder back up above the surface. It is an insurance policy to ensure your body position remains strong and never flattens.


Single Arm with a Sharkfin. A great progression from the advanced single arm. Add the shark fin to ensure you finish your rotation. The trail arm can also elevate straight to 12oclock if you straight arm recover. The key issue I see with this drill is people not finishing their rotation. If the ’trail’ shoulder is left flat you will struggle to breathe.


By elevating the trail arm it is a nice reminder to finish your rotation and allow the opportunity to breathe to the side easier.Try it in the early stages with a central snorkel to get a feel for it but progress to trying without. The body rotation can remain flat  with the snorkel and you will struggle to know how well you are rotating.

Think of this new combination as a cross between –

Single Arm

Clock drill

Enjoy and please practice this one ! Drop me a line with any questions – dan@swimfortri.com

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