3 Pack SFT ITA Drink Bottle



Product Description

The first of our Intelligent Training Aid products. Yes we know hydration while poolside is important and you should always have a session with you when swimming un-coached and now you can have both.
Your warm up and subset read around the top of the bottle, your choice of main set is read down the column, mid bottle and a warm down again reads around the bottle.
More information can be found on our Sessions in a bottle website.
The General
General Fitness FC Work – sessions start at 2.8km and finish at 4km Building in small increments with each session.
The 19
Middle Distance – ideal preparation for racing 1500m – 1900m events.
The 38
Long Distance – would be helpful for a swim event based around 3.8km.
The 3 bottle set include one “The General”, one “The 19”, and one “The 38” at a discounted price.

The screw-on cap features a leak-proof pull lid. The striking triangular form of the cap guarantees a secure grip. The bottle has a large fill opening and is easy to clean – 750cc.

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