When it comes to online swim analysis – the more video footage you can supply, the more we can discover the areas within your technique that might be holding you back.

If you can send surface as well as submerged so much the better – but please do consider privacy issues with underwater filming. Always check with the pool and get the appropriate permissions.

PRICE £80 

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Share it with us via Dropbox for privacy or Youtube. Even an email might work if not too big regarding file size. Drop box is pretty easy and will open a file up into a media player automatically – CLICK HERE


When I film a swimmer at a 1-2-1 swim lesson I take a –

  • Head on surface shot and reverse
  • Side surface view
  • Aerial shot

A lot of information can be extracted from these even with out the luxury of submerged filming. Overseas on a training camp you might well have the luxury of underwater filming and then we can really address some issues.


Tell me about your race distance and the times you would like to achieve, a little background any injuries or mobility issues. Some dry-land options may well be prescribed to help.

How much pool time available each week, and if Openwater is available to you.


You will be supplied with a selection of drills to work on to either restrict bad habits or encourage good habits from our professionally filmed drills library.

Please see HERE as an example.

Please email dan@swimfortri.com with specific questions